Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scent Makeover

I'm in desperate need. Somehow the signature scent I adopted when I was sixteen just doesn't cut it for these days. Trying on new perfume is fun, but because of the endless choices I usually end up resorting to playing with the most ridiculous bottles. shops for you based on the scent profile of the perfume you already enjoy :
The site also guides you by showing you the top, middle and base notes that compose each perfume. Click on one of the second choices and the site provides a whole new map for you to learn about! Much more fun, much less mess! 
Though I must confess, I'm very excited for the release of the new D&G Fall/Winter 2010 fragrance collection based on tarot cards :
I tried La Lune and I liked it well enough, but I want to get my hands on The Empress! I also read a fantastic, multi-page article explaining each one in detail . . . and I lost it. Does anyone else remember reading this in a magazine (  it was prob. the August issue ) ?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Will Be Mine, Blue Booties

Christian Siriano (the man who brought FIERCE to Project Runway) has designed a line for Payless Shoes! 
The blue boots are the most unexpected of the collection and have a very interesting gold pattern which doesn't display well in this picture. Pumps from a previous CS collection on the Payless website land at about $35! The collection comes out in full force in September. 

I've Never Lusted After A Bottle So Much...

I hate vodka, but I love this bottle designed by Natalia Brilli. I'm sure my friends would bite the bullet for me and empty the bottle so I could fill it with better liquids...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Shit, I Love Lobsters

First Lust

I'm only so-so on Incase products. The cover I have on my phone is totally functional but the rubberized finish over hard plastic ( which initially drew me to the case) soon started to chip off and look grubby. However, this laptop case makes me willing to forgive and forget.

This collaboration between Incase, and uniform experiment is an excellent way to start Fall off . It is also available in neon green and black, but the black and white is the only one worth having.
This case also serves as a great example of what I expect we will be seeing soon in stores:
*Safety pins and chains
*The 80s. Good news for jackets and jewels, very bad for pants. Don't do it. 
*Large rhinestones with exposed settings
*Jewel tones (especially purple) with one neon "pop" accessory. (Think plum dress, deep green bag and bubblegum pink gloves!)  
*Hunter green nails
*Matte nail polish
*Pollen-yellow eyeshadow
What are your predictions?