Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scent Makeover

I'm in desperate need. Somehow the signature scent I adopted when I was sixteen just doesn't cut it for these days. Trying on new perfume is fun, but because of the endless choices I usually end up resorting to playing with the most ridiculous bottles. shops for you based on the scent profile of the perfume you already enjoy :
The site also guides you by showing you the top, middle and base notes that compose each perfume. Click on one of the second choices and the site provides a whole new map for you to learn about! Much more fun, much less mess! 
Though I must confess, I'm very excited for the release of the new D&G Fall/Winter 2010 fragrance collection based on tarot cards :
I tried La Lune and I liked it well enough, but I want to get my hands on The Empress! I also read a fantastic, multi-page article explaining each one in detail . . . and I lost it. Does anyone else remember reading this in a magazine (  it was prob. the August issue ) ?


Catherine said...

Ooh.. I must've missed whichever magazine that was, but I just read a little blurb about those in the September Allure... very intriguing.

DH said...

I'm starting to think I fantasized the whole thing! I poured through all the mags I still have around, but can't find it... the internet has been less than helpful, which is surprising.