Thursday, September 17, 2009

Too Soon?

I don't care. I want cardigans. I want piles of luxe, weird, romantic and patterned sweaters to wear for months. I found these beauties at Anthropologie :
Damn, I love Fall. 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

clICK: It's Not Me, It's You

My camera and I have to break up. Thousands of pictures later I'm ready for something a little more. My four musts: 
  • Tons of zoom
  • It has to fit in my pocket 
  • I don't want to mess with batteries
  • It has to take fantastic pictures in low light ( churches, museums & places without electricity ) 
After some serious comparison shopping I found my new love: 
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 meets all my expectations and more. According to Amazon it has:
  • Two new My Scene settings let users assign their two most frequently used Scene modes to the setting, and with a simple switch, allow access to either scene instantly.
  • New Panorama Assist scene mode allows users to shoot a number of consistent photos, either vertically or horizontally, by aligning them according to a guide that overlaps the screen. Then using those photos and the bundled PanoramaMaker software, users can create dramatic panoramic images.
  • High-Speed Burst (Speed Priority) that fires off approx. 10 shots per second.
"The ZS3 also expands Panasonic’s popular Intelligent Auto (iA) mode with the addition of Face Recognition--a feature that "remembers" faces from previous shots. When a registered face appears in the frame, the camera will prioritize focus and exposure to capture it beautifully. With Face Recognition, when a familiar face is recorded several times, the camera will prompt the users to register the face. Once registered, if the face appears into the frame again, the camera will display the name specified for that person and prioritize focus and exposure so that the registered face is bright and sharply focused."
A feature that helps me take better pictures of myself? Um... YES! The best feature, for me, has to be the 12X optical zoom. I can never get close enough pictures when I travel and my current 3X optical zoom is so limiting! Some of the product reviews also say that if you lower the megapixel level you can get the zoom up to 22X combined digital and optical, which would be amazing.   Now, what to do with my old camera...

I Can See You Staring There From Across The Block...

I'm going to be Lady GaGa for Halloween. That's just how it's going to be. There will, no doubt, be thousands of other GaGas running around on my favorite day in parody and homage. In case you would like to wear the hottest costume of '09, ( and you should ) you'll need to know how to make your own Disco Stick: 
If you can handle the semi-awkward instructions of two tweens in matching Hello Kitty outfits, then this is the video that will help you produce your most important prop. 
Use it wisely.