Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All in the Details

Some of my favorites from Marchesa's Fall '10 collection:

I'm fascinated with this sort of texturing, especially when it is in tight rounds (not in this example, obviously). I think this is what Marchesa does best. I really, really want to get my hands on an example to see how they form the ruffles! 

I think I love this one the best. I just know it's going to end up on Kristen Stewert, or some teen, but my secret desire is that it will somehow make its way to Anne Hathaway. The top would look amazing on her shoulders! Although it is a little shorter than she usually goes but it would be nice to see her in something a little more playful (maybe for some Alice in Wonderland promotion?) 
This is one is just fun! Wouldn't it look a-freaking-dorable on Dakota Fanning? It's a little similar to a black unicorn dress from last year, but the volume and texture of the skirt saves it from being too repetitive. 

Anne Hathaway will actually end up wearing this (she will fill it out better than that poor model,too!) . I'm sure somewhere in the world right now Brad from  Rachel Zoe's office is convulsively sucking down some Starbucks and crying to someone at the label about it. The lace detailing is just amazing. I especially like that the pattern isn't symmetrical.  The only thing I'm not sure about is the color. I just can't make it out. It would be nice in black, but if it is ink blue I think I would like it twice as much. What do you think? 


Catherine said...

I want that last dress so badly. Iwantitiwantitiwantit. I would wear it everywhere. Produce aisle? Heck yes. Taking Harper for a walk? You betcha. Well... okay, that might be weird.

DH said...

Not if she had one too.