Monday, February 1, 2010


Jennifer Lopez. You have been in this business too long to let some stylist bully you into something that would have landed in your reject pile in 2001. I understand you are trying to remind us of the diva you once were, but you are trying too hard. Now scrub your face, give Beyonce her weave back and rejoin us in 2010 where dresses come in colors.  

Oh . . .  and I'm back. 


Catherine said...

Agreed, agreed, agreed.

Ans SO glad you're back :)

Catherine said...

So excited, in fact, that I made up words. But also! You totally scooped
GFY, so that's exciting.

DH said...

J.Lo wore that NYE jumpsuit again. I'm tempted to do another post, but I don't want my very few posts to be all about her!! Also, I feel like I should just start my posts with " Dear, Catherine" and end with " For Catherine's Pleasure". At least SOMEONE is reading this! Thank you!