Monday, February 8, 2010

Well, I Hope You're Happy.

Look what you did.
After seasons of playing around with 80s trends it finally came back.          90s fashion.

It started out with one or two things, but it was already out of hand.

First I hear about editors at Marie Clare fighting over Doc Martin print boots, then Gap threw chanting, dancing flannel people in our faces. Then it was everywhere. Magazines, my Anthropologie catalog, Topshop ( where I pulled most of these images, btw) . . . haphazard layers, muted colors ( hello return of nude pink!), florals, pleated pants, chunky heels & light denim :

When will it end? Hmm?

Don't you people remember the crochet at all? The belly shirts? The velvet?

Is this what you want? Is it?
Sure, it may seem like good times at first but let me remind you how easily sipping coffee and dancing in fountains with your friends can turn to THIS :

 Use sparingly. You have been warned.  


Catherine said...

I just got over the horror of re-discovering that I owned about half the clothes worn on "Full House"... I don't know if I can take this.

Catherine said...

Yet-- in spite of truly heinous wardrobe decisions, wasn't Clueless marvelous? Both the film and the TV show... man, I miss TGIF.