Sunday, March 14, 2010

Johanna Ost

When I just need to see something pretty I often find myself spending way too much time on 18th Century Blog. It combines fashion, history and art in a way that is so wonderfully organized, which is helpful when I know what I'm browsing for.  18th Century Blog is run by Johanna Ost :

She is serious about 18th century fashion. However, I only recently discovered she is an illustrator and painter! Her art site features her whole portfolio which ranges in subject from custom tattoos, cats, personal portraits to pure fantasy. Prints are available of most of her work for only nine dollars each! While some of her work is not "my cup of tea",  I'm particularly interested in her beautiful choice of colors and the unique, vintage inspired way she paints women. 

These four are my favorites, especially the first and last ones, but I started a folder for this post with at least 20 paintings in it! That is going to be a problem when I actually sit down to order some prints.