Monday, March 29, 2010

You're Lovely

I had a plan. I was going to compare and contrast fashion documentaries for you, specifically Marc Jacobs vs. Valentino. I was going to write about Marc's  need to twirl about his studio on a spinning stool. I was going to write about Valentino's tradition and his (sometimes justified) tantrums. Glory, humor, on and on. Then I watched The September Issue, which absolutely solidified my obsession with this man : 

When I first saw him in Valentino: The Last Emperor I knew that there could be no other person on earth that could better exemplify the name Hamish. Featuring him here briefly was a given to me.


When he cropped up again in The September Issue it became clear; nothing else in the fashion world should matter to me. 


Adorable. And yet, Hamish is somewhat of a mystery. He is listed as European Editor at Large for Vogue, but these days that could mean just about anything. I want to know what this man does. What happens in his days. What his surely glorious home looks like. General web searches tell gave me little tidbits like he escorted celebrity whoever to whatever, was a consultant to various exhibits and once accidentally grew a mustache. I also learned that he must have somehow displeased Anna. He was sent on one of those extreme survival retreats where his guide tricked him into eating what Hamish assumed to be bear poop. Bear poop. Bear poop. It turned out to be granola, but it certainly added more confusion as to how his current lifestyle came to fruition. 

Also, there is this  . 

And yet, I'm scared to know anything else about my new love, Hamish. I don't want this glorious bubble to burst. I want to live in a world where he seemingly does everything and nothing. Where he could show up at any event at any moment, make it better and, I don't know, fly away on a unicorn hand bejeweled by Lady GaGa. Just a thought. 

Hamish, if you ever find this post  . . . call me. 


Rachael said...

Why did I just spend 1 min and 13 seconds watching Ham-Bowl "walk the runway, darling. walk, walk, the runway, DARLING."