Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Product Purge

Alright, prepare to be disgusted. I have a problem. I LOVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS! 
This has been going on for years. I'll try anything- from department to drug store. Whenever I get a magazine I flip right to the beauty section and get to the "other stuff" later. Combine my obsession with a brief stint in the retail world a couple years ago and that equals a major organization disaster.

How did this haaaaaapen?!

I wish I could be a chic French woman that has about three products in her medicine cabinet. Unfortunately, the only French stereotype I inherited is cutting sense of humor. If Greeks hoard lotions then I guess we know where I got it.

Sample of my disease. 

Determined to battle the clutter, I assembled everything from my various storage spots. Yikes.  I made cuts ruthlessly, with little regard to how recently I bought it, or how much money I wasted. If I honestly wasn't going to use it in the next year it was OUT. 

Be gone! 

It actually wasn't as painful or hard as I thought it was going to be. Feeling the weight of the shopping bags of "rejects" and knowing that it was leaving my closets and my life was a breath of fresh air. Plus, it's so nice to have everything organized together on ONE closet shelf now!

The keepers . . . for now! Buahahahaha! 
Can you tell where I used to work? 

I still have more stuff than most people think is normal but I'm pretty proud of my progress. I think I'll be more vicious my next round of cuts. Besides, you didn't expect me to go cold turkey, did you?

I want to be very clear that the products I rejected will be recycled responsibly! 

  • Vanity Glamour in the East Village of Des Moines focuses on eco-friendly makeup, and even offers a small discount if you bring something to recycle! 
  • MAC has a rewards program that offers a free lipstick for every 6 of your recycled MAC products.
  • Origins will accept any makeup brand for recycling- in return you get some great samples.
  • Aveda has a program dedicated to the recycling of plastic caps since they are a special kind of plastic. 25 caps of any kind will earn samples. 
  • Kiehls offers a recycling punch card for their products! Three products can be redeemed for a lip balm, five for a travel sized product and ten punches can be turned in for a full sized product $25 or less!
What's your product situation? Are you suffering from overload or are you a minimalist?
Pictures encouraged.


Cat said...

Oh, God. That looks like my (tiny) bathroom counter.

For awhile, I was stashing things in the fridge.. such as a dozen identical shades of pale pink/nude nail polish. Sadly, we eventually needed room in the fridge for, you know, food.. so, that came to an end.

Poor Tim.