Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So Fresh

I'm in kind of a renewal mood as of late, so the next couple of posts will be about sprucing up, cleaning out, starting over and getting your shit together. All things I'm trying to work on. I feel like I'll have a better chance if I put it in writing so my loyal readers can read it and keep me accountable . . . all twelve of you. In all seriousness, thank you for reading this. It keeps me from going CRAZY! 

You might start to notice a few changes in the upcoming weeks. I'm going to be tweaking with the format of MFP so it is easier to read for you, I'm going to post regularly, I'm working on a logo ( I'm even toying with changing the name), I'm trying to increase readership and MPF has a Twitter account now! My username is fancypantsdh and I'm linking my Tweets here. Scroll down a few inches and check out the widget! Add me while you're down there!

My plan for this account is to let you in on some more of my tastes, get info to you faster, share really great tidbits (like sales), socialize MFP and have a place where you can share your great finds with me! I'm still learning how to work this crazy thing so any help and followers you can throw my way - I'd love to have it!

Also, should I ever meet Hamish I'm going to tweet it to the world like an emergency alert system.