Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Best of Bookshelves

You all know I loves me some books.

                                                 The famous Shakespeare Bookstore in Paris

Rotating shelves ( AT ) 


Controlled chaos ( Tiny Ass Apartment

                                                               (Tiny Ass Apartment

                                          Anybody else get a Beauty and the Beast vibe here?

This may be my favorite storage solution. 

This is the office of Alaina from Live Creating Yourself , one of my favorite blogs. (She also has an Etsy store . Check it out! I just ordered from her!) 
I remember seeing these spine shelves in a catalog a few years back, all sparsely filled with a couple of DVDs and some ceramic bowls. I did not enjoy. However, seeing them stacked and FULL makes me LOVE them and appreciate what a great space -saver these shelves can be!  (PS-  I recently noticed there is a version of these on Overstock right now for around $100)  

Liz Lemon, looking awesome in front of some LACK bookshelves from IKEA ($129). Also, is that form of working out a real thing? Please? 

The Comic Shelf by Oscar Nunez

The Conceal book shelf by Umbra . I have this! It's perfect right next to my bed. 

** All images not otherwise noted came from the blog Bookshelf Porn

How do you store your books? 


Rachael said...

This is why we're friends.

PS Can i live in the black bedroom with bookshelves instead of walls.

Not to be confused with my 3rd floor music palor/attic/library. (see above photo)

DH said...

But where will you put your 2 story rock climbing wall, water bar and recording studio? Right, Molly?

Rachael said...

Psssh, guesthouse.

Poires au Chocolat said...

Oh dear I do love books. My bedroom looks a lot like these. Except maybe not so stylish!