Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eye Products I Trust

By now you all know well my obsession with beauty products. Here's a reminder . While I don't usually condone the purchase of pre-made palettes, I was struck by how well thought out Masquerade by Smashbox is.

The colors are absolutely complimentary, but versatile. With this palette, and a little brush skill, many looks can be achieved. For example, I easily see being able to pull off a smokey eye, a retro eye (esp. with that white), a look appropriate for day and a "naked" eye (a look so trendy for Fall). It costs $35, which may seem like a lot to spend on one item, but when you consider most eyeshadows of comparable quality and pigmentation run for around $15 per shade, it's quite a bargain.  Invest a little in makeup that is lasting and classic, then scrimp a little on trends. You will notice the difference. Most of my eyeshadow is MAC, but I actually use the colors I buy. Since they are so pigmented, they last a very, very long time. 

Two shades that I've actually committed to long enough to wear through a few times are MAC's Honesty and Beautymarked. They look pretty dramatic and sparkly in the pot, but I use them almost daily. I particularly love Beautymarked as a liner for fair skinned blondes (hello!) because it looks black, but is actually a VERY dark purple. Actual black eyeliner can look too harsh against my skin, so this is a nice illusion. Plus, it looks great against the browns I usually use. 

It's all a matter of controlling your hand. It's so tempting, especially if you are coming from another brand, to pack it on. Resist and you can create a day look that can be later built into something dramatic for night. 

Another good investment is eyeshadow primer. Unless you are a genetic freak, or actually have the time and space in your purse to commit to touch-ups, your eye makeup WILL look different at the end of the day than when you first put it on. Why risk a meltdown, especially in this heat! Some will say that if you use a little foundation and set it with powder on the eyelid before you put shadow on, that it works just as well. I've done that, but now that I've switched to primer I've noticed a HUGE difference. I used to use MAC paints as a colored primer, but they switched formulas and have greatly disappointed me. I now use Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Original ($18). 

Urban Decay's packaging may be a touch juvenile looking, but this stuff is very serious. 
While I normally use eyeshadow as a liner, Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliners ($17) are the only pencils I use. 

I love them because they are long-lasting, but you do have a few seconds to smudge and play with the line you just drew on before it "locks" in. I recommend Rockstar (deep purple), Stash (deep goldish-green) and Zero (black). 
I switched to powder liner years ago (before the UD 24/7 discovery), because I wanted a line that wasn't so harsh and I was tired of trying to smudge pencil and shadow so it wouldn't look like the liner wasn't just sitting on top of the lid. Note, there is a difference between a harsh line and an intentionally crisp line, so often found in retro looks. If you are trying for that kind of line, use a gel pot liner. I'll demonstrate that technique in a later post. I can now wield a hard angle liner brush, which is probably the most common liner brush people are used to seeing, but often mishandled. However, when I first switched over to shadows as liners, the best purchase I ever made was the Benefit Get Bent Liner Brush ($16). 

It looks weird, but this thing is idiot proof. The head (which is much thinner in person, by the way) is bent at a 30 degree angle, which allows the user to hold the brush vertically and draw a controlled line, instead of raising and angling your hand to draw, often over the area you are trying to see. This brush is also great for using gel liners since it is so thin (seriously, this pic is bad) and offers great control. 

What are some of your most trusted eye products? 


Cat said...

Maybe I should tell Tim he can play video games all night without any complaints from me tonight... that way, he won't notice if I leave for awhile and come back with a giant black and white bag...

DH said...

Haha! I like that plan! Guess what?! There is a Sephora in Valley West Mall now! I haven't seen it yet, but YAY!!
PS- if you are interested in that Benefit brush, I've never seen it at Sephora, only at Ulta and Benefit counters and stores!