Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Shop for Beauty Products With a Salesperson

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A salesperson is there to help you, but sometimes they can do more harm than good.

*Be aware of whom you are speaking to.
Different places require different training or licensing. That's why people that work at MAC are Makeup Artists and people that work at Clinique are Skincare Consultants. Both are helpful, but if you want to learn how to use fushia lipgloss or a liquid liner, the choice is pretty obvious.

*Appearances matter!
Some things are beyond a person's control, but why would you let someone do your makeup if their eyeliner is crooked or their foundation is orange? Find the person with the best technical makeup application and the most confidence in the room.

*Ask them about your eyes.
Generally speaking, the best way to emphasize your eyes is to use the opposite color on the color wheel. If your salesperson uses phrases that hint that they have studied color theory - stick with them!!

*Don't let them push you into buying something you have a gut feeling is wrong!
When I was a salesperson I would give honest recommendations because I loved my products and I loved solving people's problems. However, I didn't ever have to worry about commission and my job wasn't in jeopardy over Units Per Customer. If the product sounds right, take a chance and TRY IT!! You may love it, or you may return it, but it should be YOUR decision. PS- If you don't buy it, they aren't going to think less of you. Salespeople are PEOPLE TOO, and they can't afford to buy bags full of products wherever they shop either!

* Take advantage.
These people have skills and are excited to interact with someone who has questions! Even if I go into a store with the only goal being to "refill" something I buy all the time, I try to pick one thing I haven't tried before and ask someone to SHOW ME how to use it on my face.  I usually end up with a whole fresh face of makeup that's been professionally done (for free!) and a new skill. Also, don't be too shy to ask for samples!