Monday, December 6, 2010

I'll Try It For You : Covergirl Shadowblast

Drew Barrymore - you are full of lies.
I was so excited to try Covergirl's Smoky Shadowblast because I've seen these ads everywhere!! Also, I'm having a really hard time finding the exact color purple shadow I want, so this seemed like a simple solution. I bought the exact same product she is supposedly wearing, I followed the instructions and THIS is what happened:
The damn thing defeated my usually infallible Urban Decay Primer Potion and was seriously a hot mess. 
Also, these colors are definitely just pink and brown. They look nice together but I have no idea why they call it Purple Plum. I hoped when I bought it that somehow they would make that perfect purple when blended, but I was so, so wrong. Awful! Do not let this happen to you!