Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Little Thing

Honestly, there could not be a more perfect ring for me than this one:

Cushion cut aquamarine with a rose gold band by onegarnetgirl . $458 on Etsy. 
I have a birthday coming up. Just saying. 
Seriously though, I've been doing the whole post-college adult job search thing for ALMOST TWO YEARS. I'm FINALLY getting some traction and good prospects for jobs I really want to do and had an interview last week that went decently well! I'm going to buy this ring if I get the job. 
After living for so long with stress, uncertainty and student loans - I need more sparkling lightness in my life. I started this blog in an effort to keep me from going crazy from all this job junk, and thankfully I've been able to find really great people and blogs that have brought little bits of joy into my life. I'm especially thankful to be working at place right now that pays the bills, but allows me (seriously, this workday blogging is totally approved!) to read about the things that I like when the phones aren't ringing. I'm determined to enjoy it while it lasts, but I want someone to answer MY phones someday, so I can't stay forever. 
Here are a few blogs that you should check out to bring yourself a little bit of happy:
* A Cup of Jo - Really great for fun photos, casual fashion, random coolness and loads of giveaways! I found this ring through this blog!

* Yes and Yes - Excellent source of happy things! Right now Sarah is volunteering around Asia, and I love reading about the people that she meets! She also features a Network of Nice where people can echange and give, well . . . niceness! 
* Fifi Lapin - A fashion blog where the cutest little bunny is the model. Here are some of my favorite outfits:
Finally, just because, here is a video of Prince Poppycock singing. Honestly, how could anyone hear that voice and not be happy?


Diana Mieczan said...

Im keeping my fingers crossed for you, sweetie..I bet you will get the job and that ring is truly beautiful:) Hugs and kisses

DH said...

Thank you! That's so incredibly sweet of you to say!