Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mickey Contractor for MAC

The Mickey Contractor for MAC collection is one of the most anticipated collections of the season and it's finally launched online! If you were hoping to see it in person, good luck! Its will only be released to 22 stores in the country starting tomorrow, and that list certainly does not include my local Des Moines MAC counter!

Contractor is a Beauty Director for MAC, but most known for his work with Bollywood starlets. His collection is has colorful options for all skin tones, but was truly developed with Indian skintones in mind. What's really exciting are the new foundations and concealers that are made for skin with yellow undertones! Surprisingly, especially considering MAC's reputation for having an insane amount of color choices, yellow undertoned makeup is hard to find in the regular MAC collection. In fact, people with yellow undertones (which presumably make up a HUGE portion of cosmetic consumers) are really underrepresented in the makeup market in general. Bobbi Brown and Shiseido are the only brands I was aware of before this collection that are reasonably accessible in North America that cater to that market. Since those brands are not necessarily accessible to most women, a lot of people are pushed into buying foundations and powders that have wrong undertones, creating ashiness. Rumor has it that the foundations will eventually become apart of the permanent collection - YAY! No word yet on the duo-ended concealer, which apparently you can mix into makeup you already own to create the right tone!

When I found out that I could not see the collection in person I was kind of bummed. I don't recommend buying MAC products online without seeing them in person, because the pictures on the website often, in my opinion, are not representative of the color of the "live" product. What was I going to do? Luckily I found, which I am now totally obsessed with! I can't believe it took me so long to find this site! Temptalia is a wonderful site with reviews, a MAC archive, contests, a searchable"dupe" list and is where I got these great pictures! With Christine's help, I decided to get the Saffron eyeshadow.
All the eyeshadows are very pretty, but I felt Saffron was the most unique and not easily duped. I think it will play well with the golds and browns I already own. Plus, if you haven't heard, orange is THE color for Spring makeup so I'm sure Saffron will sell out FAST! I'm not really sure how I feel about that, since I don't have a good history with wearing orange close to my face, but Saffron has a suitable amount of rust in it, and where there is a will there is a way! I'll post some pictures of Saffron eye looks once it's delivered. I think I want to attempt to re-create that model photo look on top for funsies! Christine also sometimes features video reviews, which are also really help when you are thinking about buying something! 
I also treated myself to MAC's Pearlglide Liner in Lord It Up from the Tartan Tale Holiday Collection that I had my eye on ! Here's Christine's swatch (Lord It Up is in the middle):
These are supposed to act like my favorite liner, Urban Decay 24/7, so I'll let you know how they compare! The Pearlglide liners in any color are not part of the permanent collection, but it would be nice if they were since they are cheaper than UD 24/7! I also got free shipping with the code LASH, so if you are interested; save yourself a few bucks!
**UPDATE** Well, I was right about Saffron selling out! I just checked my email, and there was a message from MAC saying it was temporarily out of stock!! I ordered only a couple hours from when the sale went live. I won't be getting mine for AT LEAST two weeks or more! Get yourself on the waiting list NOW!


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Update 2: I got another email today with a free shipping code of PEACOCKY

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Thanks for the shipping code! I really love MAC products and this is such a great post
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