Thursday, January 13, 2011

Surprising Fashion Find!

I was quite surprised and pleased to find some style gems at The J. Peterman Company! J. Peterman is known for classic and vintage style clothing and goods and their products are always accompanied by a unique short story and illustrations instead of pictures. While the company has a reputation of producing items that are well-made blasts from the past, I found some items I want in my closet right now!!

Black Herringbone Boyfriend's Jacket. Was $249, Now $174.
I LOVE the zippers on the pockets!
Hollywood Canteen Dress. Was $329, Now 154.
1927 Party Dress. Was $598, Now $ 272.
Heirloom Gladstone Bag. $598.
This reminds me a little bit of the Mulberry Alexa Bag. However, (at less than half the price of the Alexa!) I wouldn't feel as guilty about abusing the Heirloom like it's meant to be abused! 
Be sure to check out their site and fill out your own wish list!