Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day!

Will you be my Valentine, Hammy?

Aaaaanyway, in my real life I went shopping on Saturday and got some great stuff!
I got a  $130 dress for $18 and a Nine West bag for $5! Thank you, Younkers yellow dot sale! Actually, I was shopping with my mom so MY total was $0. Thanks, Mom.
I also got some more MAC!
I now have the Wonder Woman for MAC blush in Amazon Princess:
This thing is huge! A lot of the collection is jumbo-sized and the blushes are about the same size as a regular MAC Skin Finish powder. It will last me forever. I thought about getting the jumbo Penultimate Eyeliner, but decided I would just get the regular sized one because I thought it would be easier to build up to a thick line rather than try to lightly draw a thin one. I tried it out this morning and now I'm not so sure! I think I may need some more practice, but I do think I like both pens over my gel pot liner, which is a big deal! 
I also got eyeshadow in Club. This shade is one of MAC's bestsellers, but I wasn't convinced until I saw this Pixiwoo tutorial :
I can't wait to try it out!


sassafras said...

omgggg, i loved that story/editorial with hamish (did not love blake lively's companionship, but that's okay).

DH said...

Doesn't H look dashing?! I loved it too! Oh, Blake Lively . . . pretty girl, but she really doesn't give you a chance to miss her, does she?