Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Going To . . .

New York City! In about three weeks I'll be back in NYC for the first time in a looong time! What should I do when I get there?
I'll be staying in the Tribeca Grand Hotel (which provides pet goldfish, ha!) :

I'll also be seeing, thanks to a producer friend,  American Idiot  and maybe La Cage aux Folles. It looks like I've just missed seeing Kelsey Grammar and Douglas Hodge, which is a let down. However, they have been replaced by Jeffery Tambor , Harvey Fierstein and as a bonus - Wilson Jermaine Heredia (the original Angel in Rent )
I should probably do other things than hang around theatres on the short four days I'll be there. I'd love some shopping suggestions! I'll probably hit up some favorites like MAC and Kate Spade (Hey, I live in IOWA. We have a limited selection here!) I have a vague goal to find an amazing vintage jewelry store, but we'll see where my wandering takes me. 
I also want to have a real black and white cookie. It sounds stupid, but I've never had one and I figure there is no better place in the world to find a good one! 

So, there's my grand plan - watch some shows, shop around and eat a cookie. Pretty good way to spend a few days! 


Catherine said...

I would find it really hard to not stalk Jeffrey Tambor post-show and quote lines from Arrested Development to him.

Almost had an awkward experience when I ran into Henry Winkler once...

Diana Mieczan said...

That sounds like fun plan and I bet you will have a blast. Happy Sunday