Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are You Crafty?

I seriously want to hire someone to make this bag for me. Maybe in canvas and carmel-colored leather? This would be the perfect laptop bag!

Though I found this bag through Freshly Picked , the instructions can be found at The Weekend Designer ! Do you know anyone that can make this happen for me?

I NEED This for Spring!

 Kate Spade, $145

NYC-Part One!

Well, my goal of posting at least twice a week went out the window! I'm back now and I accomplished a lot in the last month! I went to a job conference for the field I'm trying to break into, had tons of interviews (and expect a few more in the next few months), it was my birthday and I got back from New York last week! Those are good excuses for slacking a little bit here! I think I'll do another post for the stuff I bought, but while I was in NYC I did get to see a couple shows and go to MoMA! 
Thanks to a producer friend of a friend (isn't that just how everything works?) we got some great tickets for American Idiot and La Cage aux Folles. American Idiot was fantastic! The cast is really talented and the set was amazing! It's too bad they are only running for another month. I'm sure they will have a VERY successful tour, though! Who doesn't like a little Green Day?
La Cage was so much fun! Harvey Fierstein was playing Albin/ZaZa and Wilson Jermaine Heredia was Jacob/The Maid, so they played up all the jokes they could. The Cagelles (above) were all such great dancers it was SICK. I imagine finding a replacement for any one of them would be a nightmare! We sat very close to the stage and I would recommend splurging on tickets to anyone, especially for this show. I felt like I was in La Cage! 
I made it to MoMA. I was aiming for The Met, but a parade got in my way! I'm glad I ended up there, though. I got to see a lot of pieces that I studied in college and I wasn't as familiar with the museum so it was more of a surprise.
Speaking of surprises - Can you believe this guy?! I was frozen! There was this adorable class of kids between me and him, but I would have said something to him if they weren't between us. I snapped this as soon as I saw a guard coming to protect the painting. What a jerk! 
These guys were hanging around outside my hotel. They didn't seem to want my picture though. Weird. 
Shopping post to follow in a few days!
*First two pics taken from Broadway World .