Sunday, April 17, 2011

DIY Genius!

The “Art of the Trench” is a beautiful thing.  The trench  coat is quite possibly one of the most classic staples that everyone  should own.  My friends, Hillary and Katherine of  WHO WHAT WEAR, who have a new j’amazing book, “WHAT TO WEAR, WHERE”, agree that one of the most coveted pieces this spring hails from BURBERRY.   Designer, Christopher Bailey, added a new spin on the iconic trench  coat, giving us goosebumps with metallic accents to embellish.  Severe  and sexy spikes are certainly a Spring trend to steal (say that tongue  twister!)
Get inspired by Burberry, and create  your own version.  Reach for lots of chopsticks (use anywhere from  50-100 pairs or more if you crave more spike-age).  Using a handsaw  (carefully) and cut down chopsticks tops.  If you don’t feel comfortable  with a saw, try heavy duty clippers.  In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the spikes, gold.  Wait till dry, flip over- and spray to cover.  Use  chalk to outline where the spikes will go.  Use droplets of hot glue on  the bottoms of the spikes, place down- and hold for a few seconds till  they set.  Remove any straggly glue hair strands, let dry- and rock it!

Erica Domesek, the creator of P.S. - I Made This, is one of the best crafters out there! Here is her solution to those lusting over a certain Burberry trench. Chopsticks?! Cheap and adorable - plus it's much less painful than adding actual studs to anything yourself. Seriously, where was this idea when I was working on my GaGa costume?