Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Advanced Snooki Studies

 I read yesterday that there will be an legitimate academic conference on The Jersey Shore. Finally. I always pretend like I'm an animal behavioralist when I watch it, anyway (don't pretend like you don't)! 

The conference will be October 28th, in Chicago and will be free! Potential topics include:

*Gender roles, gender performance, and normativity, or, "Why do the guys cook and the girls fight?".
*Reality TV as documentary/laboratory/fieldwork.
*Celebrity and the illusion of "reality".
*Shore house politics: tribalism, ostracism, and violence.
*Parody, self-referentiality, and intertextuality in the later seasons of Jersey Shore.
*Textual/characterological analysis of Snooki's novel, A Shore Thing.

There should definitely just be a lecture on Sammi and Ron's relationship! Maybe someone can finally explain to me the Jersey meaning of the word "done". The Facebook page for this event, with instructions for submitting papers if you are interested, can be found here. I spoke with David Showalter, the University of Chicago student organizer of the event, and he said that all the lectures would either be live streamed or recorded so anyone with an interest can participate! Thanks, David!