Monday, May 2, 2011

Help Me Decide!

I swear, not every post is going to have zig zags in it . . . but this one is totally going to!
Well, it seems that retailers are on to the whole zig zag trend because a whole new crop hit Urban Outfitters! Complicating things even further- they offer bedding and rugs in three of my favorite color combos!

The bedding is really cute, but I think I may be investing in something more lux feeling. So, now I need to choose from the black, grey and turquoise rugs. Also, I'm not sure if the rug I wrote about before is still in the mix. It's probably better wearing, and I do like the boldness of the print - but it's $100 more. Both are about the same size. I could get two UO rugs and still be under the price of the first rug! Something to ponder. It's really hard making a choice since I saw what could be my new apartment for a few minutes and I won't see it again until I move in! I'm excited for July! 

BTW, I also have a fondness for Moroccan poufs. However, they are crazy kinds of expensive. I did manage to find someone who makes them out of fabric on Etsy
                               18" Ottoman Pouf Floor Pillow black white zig zag chevron
Don't worry- if got one of the zig zag rugs, I would get this in a different fabric. I'm trying to restrain myself so I don't create a zig zag mess! 

With that in mind, I should admit that I did pick up some of these towels this weekend:
I got the turquoise ones, of course! I'll be mixing them with some dove grey towels to try to tone my new crazy obsession down a little! 

One more zig zag thing- I promise. During my Etsy search I found this really cute Iowa pillow :
I need something around to show some Iowa pride! I would definitely have her make it in fabrics that I picked out, though!

I hope you didn't get hypnotized with all these zig zags! I would love to hear your thoughts on my potential rug! Right now I'm leaning towards grey - but who knows?!


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i like the towels the most! good luck deciding which zig zag to purchase! maybe consider some throw pillows or a throw instead of your entire bedding. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Catherine said...

Ooh, I love the grey bedding-- you could throw in some yellow pillows or something with it!

PS, I forgot you hadn't purchased a rug yet, sooooo my FB post makes me look like a creeper and a space cadet. Oh, well!