Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Loving It : A Discovery of Witches

In my last post, I told you I had ordered the novel A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.

A Discovery of Witches: A Novel
I started reading it on Thursday and finished Friday afternoon. I loved it! It's kind of a combination of Harry Potter plus Twilight plus Da Vinci Code; but is absolutely its own unique novel. Harkness is an accomplished historian, so she includes actual historical and scientific information in the novel in a very interesting way!

Apparently, ADOW is the first in a trilogy - which I'm certainly happy about! The next one comes out sometime in 2012. That seems so far away! I suppose if you consider that ADOW was only released this February . . .  I guess it's cool if Harkness takes some time to write the next one, haha! Also, there are some rumors flying around about a movie version. I think when you read it you will agree that it screams to be made into a movie. In fact, on Harkness' Facebook page it has become a fun game for fans to try to cast it! For the two main characters, I think I would go with Henry Cavill for Matthew and Emily Deschanel for Diana. 
Henry Cavill PictureEmily Deschanel Picture
Don't they look nice together? I think I'll stop before I give anything away, but really - go read this book!  I need someone to gush over it with! 
PS- I tweeted Harkness to tell her that I liked the book and she tweeted back! How nice of her!


Unknown said...

I completely agree that Henry Cavill and Emily Deschanel should play the lead characters. They have the looks AND the personalities!