Monday, June 20, 2011

Checking Things Off My List!

I did a lot this weekend - I'm exhausted! That might have a little to do with the fact that I got locked out of my house this morning with my dog and ended up at work two hours late. Oops.

Back to Friday - Remember the inspiration video from my "To Craft" post?  I finished my poured paint table top! My friend, Kelly, came over and we tackled it in about three hours. Here is the plain IKEA tabletop (and Kelly) all ready to go:

We mixed about 60oz. of acrylic paint with lots of water and about 5oz of Liquitex Pouring Medium . You could play around with the levels here if you would like to try this project; but our paint was the consistency of melted chocolate. Then we started to pour! 
It was going pretty well . . . then (probably because of the metallic pigment) the paints started to bleed into each other and stopped flowing in rings: 
We also realized that the ground wasn't exactly level. So, we decided to just roll with it and do a bunch of little circles instead of one big one. We ended up with this: 
It's about 50% dry right now:
Once it's dry I just need to attach the legs and put a piece of glass over it - then I'll have my new makeup table! 

The only tip I would add for someone interested in trying this; use less paint. We mixed a lot more than we needed (and I bought more we didn't open). I would say 40oz would have been ample. It was just really hard to guess how much we really needed since we kept adding more water to the cups as we went. You could do this whole project for about $40!

As for the other crafts on my list . . . I didn't exactly finish any yet. I did iron the duck cloth for my bulletin board for about a HOUR last night - and it still needs a little more work. That stuff looks good, but is a pain. P.S. - it stinks when heat is directly on it. I also sorted about 20 storage tubs full of apartment/college stuff and consolidated them into 8 tubs. See? Productive! All I have to sort now is my closet! 13 days left until I move!

What do you think of my new table?


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I love it! I feel a project coming on.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

This looks so cool!