Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What To Look At When You Are Not Packing

 . . . which I am not. Which is bad. Look! Pretty things!

Video of 8,000 paper lanterns floating into the night sky:

Project SOS: Send Love. A daughter is helping her mother "travel the world" while she is being treated for colon cancer by asking people to send her postcards! Isn't that sweet? P.S. - That picture is from MY first trip to Italy in 2005! I went again in 2008, but I'm ready to go back right now! I can't believe it's been so long!

I ordered this cookbook from the "quarter-life chefs" at Big Girls, Small Kitchen:
I can't wait to try the Sexy-Ugly Onion Tart!

Can I borrow $64 million real quick? This 9-14th century, 30 bedroom castle is for sale
Or, I suppose this 15th century, 17 bedroom castle will do: 

 Individually and beautifully handwritten note cards at sparrownestscript : 
Only $15 for ten cards, which is not too shabs at all considering she does them by hand! 

Jane, of Sea of Shoes shared her makeup faves : 
Her makeup always looks amazing, so I'll have to test some of them!

I'm LOVING the Art Deco inspired Neubauten Necklace from Mod Cloth:

Hmm. . . I suppose I should  go pack some things now. My friend, Emily, is coming over to help me tonight and promises to reward me with cocoa covered almonds from her co-op for packing excellence! Four days until I'm in my new apartment!